Vehicle Import Solutions

Made Easy

Time is on your side, whether you are a Registered Importer, Broker, or Individual, using the VIN2 Mobile App.

The VIN2 App makes everyday import procedures faster and more efficient. With its VIN decode function it assists with a fast, organized and streamlined solution that generates all the necessary data and forms you need to receive a faster approval for cross border transactions.

Complete RI Integration

The VIN2 App allows the user on the ground to easily collect data by simply scanning the Manufacture label barcode

The Vin is automatically decoded and instantly uploaded to the VIN2 Desktop interface.

Through the Desktop interface you can submit your import documents directly to the broker with a click of a button.

Mobile App Features

Provides the RI with the ability to remotely view and manage all processes.

Displays all the generated or captured forms for each vehicle.

Provides the RI Customers a record of all their activity.

Initiates the original vehicle record by scanning the VIN from the barcode/ QR code of the vehicle manufacturer label

Pictures are identified (VIN Plate, Instrument Cluster, Passenger Airbag, etc.) as the picture is taken and automatically uploaded.

The VIN is captured and decoded accurately, eliminating VIN errors. A manual entry screen is also available.

RI Customer Benefits

  • Imported inventory status tracker
  • Can see/print all documents
  • 30 Day hold countdown
  • Can enter their own vehicles in mobile app
  • Information storage for Months/Years
  • Easy to use

RI Benefits

Improves bottom line profits by streamlining and adding efficiencies throughout the process

Improves organization (and reduces confusion) through a single, unified method of collecting, storing and accessing forms and pictures

Improves the allocation of resources

Gets your data reported to NHTSA faster

Provides your customers a better service and user experience

Begins the data collection step earlier through use of the Mobile App

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